Monteverde Orchid Garden

The wonderful world of orchids

Costa Rica has about 1200 species of orchids, more than any other Central American country and many more await discovery. Unlike temperate orchids, the vast majority of tropical species are epiphytes. They can be found from the shoreline to the tops of the highest mountains, but they grow in the greatest profusion in the cloud forest, where wind blown mist and frequent rain provide a perfect environment. Though many orchids are large and impressive, the majority are miniatures with flowers only a few millimeters across. Bees, wasps and flies,pollinate most orchids but hummingbirds pollinate a few cloud forest species. Here a Green Mountain Violet-ear is visiting Elleanthus robustus. It has learned that the white flowers are the ones that are producing nectar (and are receptive to pollinators.)

Epiphytes grow profusely in the rain or cloud forest, where abundant rain and mist carried on the wind create year round optimum conditions for their growth. Moss, ferns and flowering plants grow on the trunks and branches of the trees in an incredible mixture of colors and shapes. In the majority of plant families there are epiphytes, but they are especially abundant in the orchid, bromeliad and gesnereaceas families. The Guaria Morada, Costa Rica's national flower for the last sixty five years is an orchid species with large, showy flowers, is frequently used to develop new hybrid species.

What care do orchids require?

The main steps in caring for orchids, especially those cultivated in flowerpots are the following:

For more information, visit the Costa Rican Association of Orchidology:

The Monteverde orchid garden has a large collection of orchids, we have more than 425 different species. Each species is identified with its scientific name next to it. In the collection you can find species that are endemic to Monteverde and a collection of miniature orchids including the smallest one in the world (Platystele jungermanniodes) - about the size of a pinhead. We offer guided walks in English and Spanish, tours can last between 25 and 40 minutes.

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Monteverde Orchid Garden

Open daily 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Location: 100 Meter oestlich der  Banco Nacional im Zentrum von Santa Elena

Phone: (00506) 2645-5308

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