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Doña Elsa's Farm - Horseback Riding

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Riding a horse will heighten your awareness of your surroundings, and is one of the most fascinating places to explore on horseback. Although you cannot enter the protected Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve (as no domestic animals are allowed), you do ride on the outskirts and can see the forests from many view points. Its land extends over 35,089 acres, with a high level of moisture providing the perfect environment for a unique variety of plants and animals.

The forest supports more than 100 species of mammals and is one of the few areas left where all six members of the cat family live. You’ve probably heard of the jaguar, ocelot and puma: but do you know what an oncilla, margay or jaguarundi looks like?

Among the forest’s 400 different types of bird are 30 varieties of hummingbird, and the umbrella bird. You might even be lucky enough to see the three-wattled bellbird or some Toucans, many birds are actually easier to spot outside the dense forests where it is hard to spot them.

If you are an amphibian and reptile enthusiast, look out for the numerous species waiting for you to discover them. The guides will stop for you to take photos.

Obviously on some rides nothing at all is spotted – it is a matter of luck! Marvin has been know to climb up on the saddle or a tree with customer’s cameras to take better pictures of a sloth!

After riding through Monteverde’s unforgettable landscape, seeing the unusual local animals and taking in the breathtaking views, you’ll be glad you were able to enjoy this beautiful part of the world before it vanishes.  And perhaps be a little sad to say goodbye to your Costa Rican horse

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Doña Elsa's Farm - Horseback Riding

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