Don Juan Coffee Tour

Monteverde Coffee & Chocolate Tour

Don Juan offers an exciting opportunity to participate in a highly entertaining and interactive tour. You will get the chance to partake in some of the very traditional processes we use here on our coffee plantation, that make it possible for us to produce such a rich tasting Costa Rican coffee. So, if you want to know how the coffee in Costa Rica is made then Visit Us!

Coffee Tour

The tour begins with a brief insight into the wonderful world of coffee followed by the history of Costa Rican coffee and its importance in the socio-economic development.  Later on during the tour we will cover other aspects of the Costa Rican culture and traditions. The tour starts with an introduction to the life cycle of a coffee plant starting with the coffee seed itself and taking a look at its fascinating evolutionary cycle.

Coffee Picking

You will learn about the ways that the coffee cherries are picked, the lifestyle of the workers that carry out this task, their stories and the immigration that occurs during the harvest season. When the coffee cherries are ready to be picked (from November to February) this activity can be performed by the visitors.

De-pulping Machine

You will get to see the way the pulp of the coffee cherry was traditionally removed, the washing process of the mucilage that is found underneath the pulp and the separation of the first class coffee beans from the rest.

The Drying Patio

The hot and dry climate allows the coffee beans to be spread out on a large, cement patio in order to dry naturally under the sun.

Warehouse and the Coffee Roaster

In the warehouse the coffee beans are stored in big, fiber sacks allowing the beans to breathe and complete their aging process.  The selection of coffee beans, the roasting process and the final packaging of the Don Juan coffee is also carried out here.

A Ride in a Typical Ox Cart

You will get the option to take a ride in a typical ox cart experiencing the exact way our ancestors use to travel.


This is the place where the tour comes to an end, where you will be thanked for choosing to visit the Don Juan Coffee farm and invited to visit “La Casona” restaurant.

La Casona Restaurant

On returning to the main building you will get the opportunity to enjoy a delicious cup of Don Juan coffee accompanied by a typical Costa Rican snack.

Souvenir Shop

At the end of the tour you can purchase Don Juan coffee and various other coffee related items directly from our wonderful souvenir shop.

Don Juan Coffee Tour

Location: 2 kilometers northwest from Santa Elena, Monteverde, Costa Rica

Phone: (00506) 2645-7100 / 2645-6858

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