Cerro Amigo Trail

A 2 hour walk from the Hotel Belmar

The Cerro Amigo Trail is a 2 hour walk from the Hotel Belmar to the Cerro Amigos, the highest point in the area, at 1840 meters, over 5500 feet. This strategic point is on the Continental divide, where there is an awesome view of the area. On a clear morning, the Atlantic plains are visible, as well as the Pacific Ocean. Many radio and TV stations have towers there.

To reach the Cerro Amigo from the Belmar Hotel, or the Gas Station, hikers have to climb 3 kilometers or 2.4 miles up a steep mountainside. We recommend the hike take place in the morning, to take advantage of the sunny mornings and arrive at the best time for picture taking.

The hike will last approximately 2 hours.

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