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Weather and Climate

Weather and Climate

Costa Rica has a very definite climate with two seasons that determine the climate. The rainy season that runs from May to November and the dry season is defined From December to late April. The unique climate that differs from the Atlantic region is marked by the influence of trade winds from the north and therefore there is rainy during most of the year with summer days.

During the rainy season, two short dry seasons exist: in June (Veranillo de San Juan) and in August (Canicula). Due to the geographical location the annual temperatures do not vary much. On the coast, the annual temperature varies between 22° and 35° C, in the Central Valley between 15° and 25° C and in the higher regions and Irazu volcano or Mount Chirripó to 3.820 meters above sea level the thermometer may also fall below zero.

In the northern zone of Costa Rica (Guatuso, Upala etc.) and the region of La Fortuna (Arenal volcano) the climate remains variable with rain throughout the year except March / April and September / October and the best time of year to look around the volcano are the months of September and October. The precipitation is 3.500 millimeters rainfall in Puerto Limon in comparison with 1.850 in the capital of San Jose.

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