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Vacation packages

Costa Rica Vacation packages

A large number of well known travel companies offer travel packages to Costa Rica. This form of travel is strongly recommended. Many tourists are not fluent in Spanish and want to expose themselves to any unnecessary stress on vacation, why package holidays are an ideal base. Some providers also offer individual support on the site, has specialized in hiking, bike tours or vacation with nature and often can do individually.

Pricing for vacation travel packages

Prices of holiday packages depend on time to travel and vary from provider to provider and services, of the airline, number of participants, transportation, tours and so on and are roughly from $2'500.00 to $4'500.00 per person for 2 weeks vacation in Costa Rica, which undoubtedly represents an economical alternative to a person traveling with a relatively expensive car rental. It is often added to a holiday package a additional week in a hotel on the beach, in this case a beach hotel will offer economic rates. Ask for your package in any case, the contract agency in Costa Rica and who (name) is responsible for his trip, this is the decisive factor in the quality of vacation packages in Costa Rica.

Flexibility from A to Z

Tours with fixed program have the disadvantage that is at the mercy of the vagaries of weather, especially in the rainy season you don't have much alternatives. On a trip planned with a tour operator, so in many cases the Irazu volcano crater can only be guessed behind a thick fog, during his visit the day after the volcano Turrialba, you must surrender because of the toxic gas leak and the area around Varablanca is after the devastating earthquake in February 2009 is no longer recognizable (but is still available in the brochures of travel agencies).

With your travel to La Fortuna now hopefully they still see in your life for a volcano, but it's raining for a week without interruption and the impressive Arenal Volcano, which not even see the bottom of the cone. Then also the scenic route through Lake Arenal is blocked by a landslide and the road blocked for 2 weeks. The last, best hope yet to see a volcano, is located in Rincon de la Vieja, however, the crater rim can be reached only after several hours of strenuous hiking, but the travel agency has concealed this.

If you then want to relax in Playa Conchal in Guanacaste on the strain, the waves in the two days are so strong, that you would drown while swimming in. Now you get to really want to go to Monteverde at once a right to see the rainforest. Of the forest is but a cold and cloudy forest, what would be in Sierra Nevada. Unfortunately, also the Spanish speaking guide caught a cold, that this is already in bed with fever and his deputy spoke only Spanish and so on...

Fortunately, you are a flexible tourist with your vacation travel package!

Accommodation with travel packages

In this category, particularly medium and large hotels are on offer! Many of them are two to three stars, Also, several cabins and cottages isolated (Lodges). The drawback for vacation travel packages at low cost in Costa Rica is, you can not change without compelling reasons your hotel if you are not satisfied. Three stars mean in Costa Rica is not often one in Spain and cabins are some times musty. With the big tour operators with reasonable price-quality relationship, however, you can expect, you have a hotel room worth for your money. Please check, for example by a first evaluation of the hotels most popular Web portals such as [Holidaycheck], [Tripadvisor] etc.

Meals with travel packages

The perfect meal and the European model will not see in most travel packages in Costa Rica. That the culinary skills of chefs of the hotel are not available and most are of inferior quality components. Extra virgin olive oil, canola oil, Bircher Muesli, healthy whole wheat bread, soft steak or a delicious apple pie with whipped cream can serve only gourmet restaurants. Even the coffee is not from an Italian coffeemaker and a real black forest cake you probably only found in Escazu (Beverly Hills of Costa Rica).

But the typical cuisine of Costa Rica, offers a wide variety of delicious dishes based on rice, beans, mais, vegetables, meat, poultry and fish with corn flour tortilla. With this combination can preparing the popular tamales, the popular menu of the Ticos, the "casado" for example, with meat or chicken in sauce, served with rice and black beans, salad, banana and cabbage, depending on the season is served with boiled eggs and avocado.

The Costa Rican typical breakfast consists of a combination of rice and black beans, better known as "Gallo Pinto", with scrambled egg or fried egg, corn flour tortillas, sour cream and black coffee. Very healthy are fruit juices that are mixed in a blender with ice cubes with water or milk and sweetened with honey or sugar, here there is no space to list all the dozens of juices. As a very popular drink is the juice of freshly squeezed sugar cane (Agua dulce) or coconut milk.

Transportation with travel packages

The main travel agencies often work with you own buses or have signed contracts with companies. These minibuses are based on the number of people, in most cases the models of the Hyundai brand: Hyundai County, Starex, H1, Grace or H100 and with exceptions, few models of Nissan Urvan, Toyota Coaster, Toyota Hiace, Mercedes Benz Sprinter, Mercedes Benz 140, Mercedes Benz E400 or Mitsubishi L300.

All vehicles are booked through reputable suppliers are in very good condition and as new. In addition, the owner or the vehicle must have a license for tourist transport of people and demonstrate the proper insurance for passengers with the State Insurance Company (INS). What often bothers some times is the fact that there is no time for quiet trips (The journey is the destination - or time is money) and drivers want to go as fast as possible from A to B.

Nationally, there are also several dozen private bus operators, providing transport to tourists at fixed prices from A to B. Also with them, speed is often more important as the intimate exception. The advantage is the excellent local knowledge of the driver, a guarantee to arrive in time to the desired destination.

Activities with travel packages

The natural beauty of Costa Rica are so varied, they spent years getting to know every corner. Most tour operators are limited to well-known national parks and biological reserves as:

National Parks and Reserves (a selection)

  • Biological Reserve Carara
  • Biological Reserve Santa Rosa
  • Braulio Carillo National Park
  • Cahuita National Park
  • Chirripo National Park
  • Corcovado National Park
  • Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Palo Verde National Park
  • Tapanti National Park
  • Tortuguero National Park
  • Rincon de la Vieja National Park
  • Santa Rosa National Park
  • Vulkan Arenal National Park
  • Poas Volcano National Park
  • Irazu Volcano National Park
  • Caño Negro Reserve
  • Santa Elena Cloud Forest
  • Monteverde Cloud Forest



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