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Ticas und Ticos

Ticas and Ticos

Why tell the Costa Ricans Ticos and Ticas?

The story says that this phrase has been known since the war against the filibusters of William Walker (1856-1857). Costa Rica's soldiers used in their discussions many morpheme word endings (The smallest linguistic recurrent unit) respectively the diminutive and minimization.

Here are some examples:

  • patote, pato, patito, patico
  • chiquiton, chiquito, chiquitico, chiquitito
  • gatote, gato, gatito, gatico

Ticas and Ticos are happy people: Ticas and Ticos are Tuanis!

85% of Costa Ricans, tough economic difficult times are very happy people. The country's population of just 4.947.490 (2017 - INES Instituto Nacional de Estadistica y Censos) has a strong belief in family and work, besides, they know how important it is to have a positive attitude to physical education and health in general.

The Costa Ricans are not only proud of the unique natural beauty of your country, but also to political stability, of some neighboring countries are far from achieving.

The Costa Ricans are one of several cultures. Each region has its own history and why the Ticos are first Alajuelenses, Guanacastecos, Heredianos, San Carleños, Limonenses, Josefinos, Escazuceños, Guapileños, Cartageños etc. - and in the second they feel themselves as Ticos.

In the multicultural society of Costa Rica, there are still roots of the Spanish conquest. Most of these people live in the Central Valley, are people with white skin, followed by mestizos with Spanish and Indian ancestry. En la Costa Caribeña en la mayoría viven negros de origen africano y mulatos Jamaicano.

In different reserves are approximately 60.000 Indigenas. Most of them in less accessible areas of the Cordillera de Talamanca. A minority of the population of Costa Rica comes from Asia, North America and Europe. Most immigrants come from Nicaragua and Latin America.

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Los Ticos somos...

The man of her dreams

A study of how women in Costa Rica (Ticas) from 17 to 57 years like a men, have produced the following results:

The man must have a height of 170 to 180 centimeters and well-tanned. White mens have fewer opportunities available, and blacks mens only 5% are desirable. Physical Characteristics: Slightly less than half prefer men with black hair and brown eyes, one-third prefer men with blue eyes and blond hair.

The vast majority prefer a normal physical or obese and only 10% are available for muscular mens and more than half of the ladies like men with some more years. Most of the Ticas, 83% focus on ensuring adequate financial situation and 34% means that the man pay for everything.

Now you know which is the main pleasure of the Ticas ;-)

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