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Taxi Aeropuerto San José (International Airport Juan Santamaria SJO)

All 75 taxis on the San Jose International Airport - Juan Santamaria (SJO) they have a orange car color. The fee is payable directly at the window in the airport or to the taxi driver if fate has changed. Attention! Tourists head to the airport exit if you need a taxi. Official taxi drivers at the airport do not harass people and are waiting in line at the official taxis.

Airport Taxi Rates (June 2018)

Taxi Sedan

  • Per kilometer 660 Colones
  • Wait time 3'800 Colones per hour
  • Traffic congestion 6'215 Colones per hour with less than 10 km / h speed

Taxi (Microbus)

  • Per kilometer 980 Colones
  • Wait time 4'390 Colones per hour
  • Traffic congestion 9'360 Colones per hour with less than 10 km / h speed

The taxi prices are adjusted two times a year in February and August and are published on the websites of the [ARESEP] (Autoridad Reguladora de los Servicios Publicos). For taxis there no different rates for poor roads, night driving, sightseeing or vacation. Also the fixed prices as they are common negotiated by tourists are generally more expensive and often illegal. Besides the airport taxis can not offer fixed prices. You can book a taxi directly through the official website [Taxi Aeropuerto].

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Taxi in Costa Rica

Taxi in Costa Rica

In Costa Rica approximately operate 12,000 taxis, all have red body with some shades. The official taxis are recognizable by yellow triangular markings usually on the front side doors, have a red registration plate with a T as the first letter, a taxi sign on the car roof, a digital counter charges (Maria) inside the cab and a radio system with antenna. Rates depend on various factors, such as taxi companies, type of vehicle, waiting times and traffic jams.

There are different types of taxis (Taxi Sedan, Taxi Rural with 4x4, Microbuses and special vehicles for transporting People with disabilities). In general, vehicles are in good optical and mechanical condition (with some exceptions). Through interesting fleet leasing rates for taxi companies, many providers now have the latest models, especially Toyota.

Frustrating be nonexistent kindness of some taxi drivers in cities, even sometimes women need to put luggage in the trunk without any help, that the driver sits in the car. Also, you're probably waiting in a tropical rain a long time for a taxi.

Costa Rica Taxi Rates (June 2018)

Taxi Sedán

  • Per kilometer  660 Colones
  • Wait time 3'800 Colones per hour
  • Traffic congestion 6'500 Colones per hour with less than 10 km / h speed

Taxi Rural (All terrain vehicle 4x4)

  • Per kilometer 660 Colones
  • Wait time 3'955 Colones per hour
  • Traffic congestion 6'500 Colones per hour with less than 10 km / h speed

 Taxi Services (Extract)

  • Taxis Multiservícios Alfaro S.A., San José Phone: (00506) 2221-8466
  • Taxis Coopeirazú Phone: (00506) 2254-32-11
  • Taxis Coopetaxi, San José Phone: (00506) 2250-9939
  • Taxis Copetico, San José Phone: (00506) 2224-7979
  • Taxis Guaria S.A., San José Phone: (00506) 2226-1366
  • Taxis San Jorge, San José Phone: (00506) 2221-3434
  • Taxis Tibás, San José Phone: (00506) 2235-9966

Servicio Especial Estable de Taxi (SEE Taxi)

The Seetaxi is a form of public transportation that allows door service to individuals. The CTP (Consejo de Transporte Público) authorize the code or permits that are currently held by 64 companies and natural persons. However, the car color is not uniform. You can identify this type of taxi for the stickers with a blue background on the side doors. Here they are visible the permission code, city and province.


Taxible is another way to order a cab via smartphone in Costa Rica. 

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UBER is now operational and offer its services also in Costa Rica. For more information please visit the [UBER] website.

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