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If you want to live permanently in Costa Rica and complies with all conditions of the "Dirección de Migración y Extranjería de Costa Rica" You should expect in the future with some other fiscal charges. A OECD membership is provided for Costa Rica, as well as a complete analysis of the tax reform. Plus tax treaties with other countries, automatic information exchange (bank accounts, tax authorities), income tax, VAT etc. As well the declaration of the currency import from an amount of US $ 9.999.00 is mandatory in Costa Rica. In Costa Rica there is also a responsibility and tax (Impuesto solidario) for properties that stick to a value of 121 million Colones (about USD 220,000). Knowledge of the country and the Spanish language, plus cultural understanding, flexibility and money are more features that facilitate life in Costa Rica.

Attention! It is not expected that the Costa Rican Real Estate Agencies provide legal certainty on the purchased object. We always recommend by acquisition of real estate hiring a law firm specialized in real estate law. A notary is not obligated to examine whether everything is in order.

If you are interested in the legal disclosure, immigration, buying real estate, banking, insurance, labor, tax, business and investment i recommend Zürcher Odio & Raven Abogados The law firm in Escazu works competently and completely reliable since 1936 also in English language. By buying a Costa Rican property a Due-Diligence test with lawyers, accountants and professionals with specific knowledge is advantageous.

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