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Pura Vida

¡Pura Vida, mae!

The Pura Vida phrase is heard every day and everywhere in Costa Rica! This doesn't come from Costa Rica. It was in 1956 by the Mexican film "Pura Vida!" taken by Gilberto Martinez Solares included in the jargon of the Ticos.

Pura Vida is an expression of a leisurely lifestyle, time does not matter, it's but also friendship without real friends. Costa Ricans use the phrase Pura Vida also to express a philosophy of strong community, perseverance and good spirit.

With the phrase Pura Vida is also associated a slow and leisurely life and enjoy the moments of happiness either small or large. Pura Vida also means that I get something wrong, I'll do something perfect or just because.

If a foreigner Pura Vida sentence pronounced against a Tico, he always harvest a smile and acknowledgment that he understood the attitude of the Ticos.

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A Tico no question how are you: says Pura Vida!


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