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Province of San José

San José (Capital of Costa Rica)

The vibrant metropolis in the heart of Costa Rica is the tourist hub of the country. From here you can reach by bus in the most remote regions. The capital offers much - National Theater, Gold Museum, Jade Museum, National Museum, Museum of Art, Children's Museum, Teatro Melico Salazar, Festival de la Luz, Sabana Park, Zoological Garden Simón Bolívar, National Amusement Park, Chinatown, Central Market, Nightlife, etc. Before in Frankfurt, Munich or Zurich the first street lamps illuminated the night, there was already electricity in San José.

Josefinos (Town Dwellers) the really know Chepe (San José) they know, that the capital of Costa Rica offers much more than many tourists imagine at first sight. Make an exclusive tour with a Josefino - You will be surprised and delighted!

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Acosta, San Ignacio

The municipality of San Ignacio de Acosta is a rural village in the mountains of Tarrazú. You reach San Ignacio de Acosta from San José about Aserri or Santa Ana, Cuidad Colon and Palmichal.

Dota, Santa María

In Santa Maria de Dota will provide you with the highest probability find the magnificent Quetzal birds. Hikers and nature lovers will be much enjoy the zone of Dota Santa Maria.


The Beverly Hills of Costa Rica offers much more than shopping malls, gourmet restaurants and luxury mansions. The economic development and cultural diversity are impressive.

Mora, Colón

Although Villa Colón (today Ciudad Colón) since 1883 is named in honor of Christopher Columbus (Cristóbal Colón), were the first colonizers the Pacacua Indigenas. Pérez Zeledón know as San Isidro de El General, the capital of the canton Pérez Zeledón, 120 kilometer south-east of San Jose has become famous for coffee plantations, sugar cane fields and dairy farming.

Puriscal, Santiago

Puriscal is a village of campesinos and tradition! The National Park La Cangreja not far south, at an altitude 400-1300 meters m.ü.M. got its name from the topography.

Santa Ana

Santa Ana has in a few years from a simple farming village of "Cebolleros" (onion farmers) become one of the most exclusive regions. Besides many pretty mansions in beautiful surroundings you will also find modern shopping malls.


Highland coffee of world-class comes from San Marcos de Tarrazú! But tourists also appreciate the original woodlands with crystal clear rivers, the giant ferns and the proximity to Manuel Antonio National Park.

Provinces of Costa Rica

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