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Province of Cartago


The climate in the Cartago Region is a relatively cool and misty and known especially by the cultivation of potatoes. Cartagineses, as the population is popularly referred to, thereby reveived also the nicknames "Paperos" and "Brumosos". Highlights of this area are without doubt the Irazu Volcano, the Basílica de Los Angeles, the Monumento Nacional Guayabo and the Cerro Chirripó, with 3'820 meters over sea level. One of the most beautiful buildings in Costa Rica is located in Cartago! The Byzantine Basílika de Nuestra Señora de los Ángeles (Patron saint of Costa Rica) is a place of pilgrimage where pilgrims every year more than 2 million people.

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A highlight in Paraiso is the Botanical Garden Lankester of the English biologist Charles Lankester. The University of Costa Rica uses the facility for research purposes.

La Unión, Tres Ríos

The coffee in this region is internationally known as one of the best in the world. The reason lies on the one hand in the ideal soil conditions which was favored by the Irazu Volcano and by the optimal balance between the warm climate, the rain and the humidity.

Jiménez, Juan Viña

Jiménez and Juan Viñas are typical cozy and rural villages where it seems that time has stood still. Crystal-clear water flows from the mountains and the air smells of Pejibayes.

Alvarado, Pacayas

Pacaya, the small mountain village between the two volcanoes Irazu and Turrialba where potatoes, cabbage, carrots and Culantro prosper and peaceful people live.

Oreamuno und San Rafael

In Prusia sector from the Irazu Volcano better known today under the name Reserva Forestal Rubén Torres Rojas get visitors on the trails La Cajeta, La Gruta, El Río to the El Bajo La Laguna where is the source of the Rio Reventado.

El Guarco, Tejar

Whether you like to fishing at Las Piedras, Las Tuquitas or La Estrella and you want to enjoy a barbecue itself, like riding with horses, or from one of the many viewpoints want to enjoy the magnificent panoramic view, all this and much more awaits you in El Guarco and Tejar.


Turrialba, the small town on the edge of the same name and active volcano experienced in recent years, a veritable boom through tourism. Meanwhile offered farm holidays, rafting, kayaking, mountain biking, canyoning, canopy, hiking, horse excursions, etc. For some time, the Turrialba volcano is very active. On the Webcam of [OVSICORI-UNA] You can watch the eruptions of the volcano.

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