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Costa Rica Newspapers and Magazines

Most newspapers and magazines for tourists are written in Spanish and English and also contain a large amount of publicity. You can find them in retail outlets, supermarkets and hotels. Some of them are very exclusive and are printed on high quality, others have much information about the area and are very useful for tourists.

A selection of magazines in English can be found at some specialty stores, bookstores and shopping malls, mainly in the Central Valley. In the same stores of course, there are a variety of imported magazines in EnglishLanguage but the prices are higher as magazines in Spanish Language.

The country's major newspapers are [La Nacion], [Diario Extra], [El Financiero] and [La Teja] among others. The Online English newspapers are [Ticotimes], [A.M. Costa Rica] and [crhoy] among others.

The range of newspapers and magazines in English and Spanish for Real Estate, cooking, sports, lifestyle and hobby is very diverse.

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