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Mobile Phone

Mobile Phone and Internet Access

Although Costa Rica has been signed roaming agreements with 72 countries, prices for data packets and telephony with foreign countries are still far too high. Of course you get in Costa Rica for the most mobile phones prepaid SIM cards from [Kölbi], [Movistar], [Claro], [Tuyo móvil] and some other providers from USD 4.00 which you can recharge in supermarkets, mobile phone stores etc. As another option, you can rent a mobile phone during your holiday with many car rental companies. If you travel with your own cell phone, this should be unlocked and have Cuadband.

The heat is not good for mobile phones

High temperatures and direct sunlight can damage your mobile phone. AT temperatures above 35 degrees C, the mobile phone should not be used more recommends Apple and Samsung. They also warn against too much sun. Therefore, do not put your mobile phone to direct sunlight for long periods and never leave it in your car. In extreme cases, the battery may explode, Samsung says.

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