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Individual travelers

Individual travelers in Costa Rica

Travel costs for individual travelers

Many tourists travel in this category! The costs approximately per person per day is estimated at about $150.00 to $250.00 including middle class hotel, food, Rent-a-Car and some tourist attractions, tours, souvenirs and so on (without flights), depends on the room price and type of car you select and the number of people and personal needs. Really, Costa Rica is a destination for luxury holidays.

Accommodation for individual travelers

Individual travelers with average budget feel fully satisfied in Costa Rica. Among the many hotels in the cities, on beaches or in the mountains, they also have access to many inns that offer a very special charm and often with direct booking by telephone or via the Internet you get in some luxury hotels discounts.

Food for individual travelers

Costa Rica has changed the variety of gourmet cuisine to positive in the recent years. The national selection of restaurants offering today international cuisine and you can found in almost regions a perfect menu for every gourmet.

From the Arabic, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Spanish, Kosher, Thai, vegetarian, Peruvian, Lebanese, Mexican, Venezuelan, Argentina, Chile, Korean, Irish, Cuban, Russian kitchen into the kitchen of the Swiss Alps with goat cheese you can find everything. In Costa Rica not only serve Gallo Pinto (rice and beans) to eat!

And for the kids visit some times Pizza Hut, McDonalds, Papa Johns, KFC, Burger King, Subways is a must. Some fast food restaurants are open 24 hours. But you pay for an authentic Italian pizza probably about the same price as in Rome, Munich or Los Angeles. In places far from the central valley can more easily find the typical food.

Transportation for individual travelers

Individual travelers are better off with a 4x4 car, providing greater security for long distances and a better shooting. Nationwide the poor quality of roads are the rule in the rainy season, nobody knows where landslides and thus the stretch of road is only passable in four wheel drive. The lack of asphalt, gravel roads with deep holes, lack of iron lids, steep dirt roads, suspension bridges of wood or metal bridges slippery as soap are only a few cases can be fatal in the worst.

For safety and comfort reasons we recommend the use of 4x4 vehicles in the middle and upper class. On the other hand, almost every car brand new (Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes Benz, BMW etc.), are economical consumption and offering comfortable convenience of travel with your family in a tropical climate.

The height seat position of a large SUV has many advantages! Provides better visibility of the asphalt holes in an early stage and prevent accidents and in case your car falls into a hole the dampers do not feel it strong. The great foresight by this type of vehicles is an additional safety factor, especially in urban traffic and in the darkness and tropical rainstorm, you are less disturbed by the lights of oncoming traffic.

Besides a car and a mobile phone must be rented side by side. For only $ 2.50 daily you have access to emergency calls 24 hours a day in every part of country. The police, ambulance or notify your friends in an emergency and besides rent a GPS for $8.50 daily and you can find hotels and places of interest without loss of time. Remember that child seats are mandatory since September 2009.

Activities for individual travelers

If you want to seek adventure, enjoy biking, riding motorcycles, doing yachting, canopy, bungee jumping or golf, enjoy water sports like surfing, diving, rafting, kajaking, jet-skiing, fly fishing, hiking in the slopes of volcanoes, mountains and tropical forests, bird watching, horseback riding, visiting museums or national parks, listening to classical concerts, rock or pop, dance, swim, enjoy a spa and much more. All this offers Costa Rica! For all and all ages!

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