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Chocolate from Costa Rica

Sibu Chocolate Tasting Tour (Half day)

Like a wine tasting but with chocolate, Sibú’s Tasting Tour weaves culture, history and good humor into a lively presentation about chocolate and its role in Costa Rica’s pre-Columbian past and economic development.

Sibú’s owners and Master Chocolatiers welcome guests on this journey of the senses. It all starts with a sampling of fresh cacao fruit and roasted cocoa beans. You'll then try an indigenous hot chocolate recipe from the 1500s before savoring dark chocolate squares and classic European-style bonbons made on the premises. Sibú is known for pairing unusual ingredients that will deepen your passion for chocolate and change how you experience this veritable "food of the gods."

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NAHUA Chocolate with History

Exquisite selection of gourmet chocolate offered by Nahua Chocolate. Truffles, tablets and high quality chocolate, just as drank by Aztec emperors and the European elite during the Renaissance period.

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Giacomin Pastelería y Chocolatería

The Giacomin Confectionery and Chocolate Manufacture, it is engaged in the fine Italian european pastries, chocolates, ice cream and different types of coffee, as well as sandwiches and salads. All products are based on recipes and European specialties, honoring the culture of its founders, what he has led the company to success in the domestic market.

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Cafe Britt Gourmet Chocolate Selection

In Costa Rica, we have a great appreciation for fine coffee and well-made chocolate. Since these two of life’s greatest indulgences have similar origins, it was a very easy and natural decision to not only roast premium coffee, but to present our customers with amazing sweets. Whether you like white, milk or dark chocolate, nutty centers or exotic fruit flavors, we’re sure just one bite of Café Britt chocolate will win you over.

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Tierra Gourmet

We are a small family and artisan chocolatier working solely with national cocoa with certified organic plantations. Our chocolate containing 100%, 85% or 70% cocoa. We offers chocolates with various types of nuts, cranberries, figs and ginger. We add nuts that are of the highest quality available on the local market. We also have chocolates with essences such as orange, mint, apple-cinnamon, coffee and passion fruit.

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Gourmet Fields Ltd.

We produce fine chocolates, premium coffee and a variety of gourmet products. All of our selection of raw materials and high quality ingredients are locally grown at the volcanic region and ideal climate of the tropical rainforest of Costa Rica.

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La Iguana Chocolate

La Iguana Chocolate is a small organic farm owned by the Salazar Garcia family in the tiny village of Mastatal, Costa Rica. We offer volunteers, school groups and guests the unique opportunity to live with us in the stunning tropical rainforest and learn about sustainable living, permaculture, natural building and chocolate processing.

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Caribeans Coffee & Chocolate

Caribeans Coffee & Chocolate is a small family run business in Puerto Viejo, Limon, Costa Rica.  Our mission is to make high quality products from locally sourced, organic, and fair trade raw products.  We are the areas original bean-to-bar chocolate maker and we are the only locally sourced fresh roasted coffee.

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Café Caburé Restaurant & Chocolate Shop

Our chocolate shop has been in operation for six years. In order to guarantee a rewarding experience we make small quantities of chocolates and continuously replenish our stock. Fine chocolate is most exquisite when it is newly made, and we never sell truffles that are not fresh.

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Cacao Trails Culture Tours - The Chocolate Tour

Discover Caribbean culture in a unique 2 hour guided tour and enjoy and interact in the traditional methods of chocolate making.

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