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Costa Rica by Bus

Especially economic. An opportunity to meet not only Costa Ricans, but also people from Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia and other countries from Latin America and the world.

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Bus Schedule

Here you can download the official bus schedule of the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism in a PDF file and print for your planned trip to Costa Rica. The bus schedule includes all routes and bus connections in Costa Rica and the main bus services in Central America.

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BUSMAPS Costa Rica

[Bus Schedule - Costa Rican Institute of Tourism]

Bus Terminals

Bus terminals in Costa Rica are a frustration for many tourists and even for Ticos. Each bus company in San Jose operates its own terminal. The magic formula is here again: take a taxi! In the high season, especially at Christmas and Eastern week are long delays in bus terminals.

Bus Tickets

If you want to be sure your next trip the next day goes as planned, you should get the tickets the day before.

Shuttle Bus

If you value comfort and personal service and prefer to spend a little more money You have the option to travel with [INTERBUS] or [Grayline]. These two carriers who specialize specifically in tourism destinations and hotels. Nationally, there are a few dozen other private carriers for bus travel.


Do not leave your luggage unattended! Smaller luggage with valuable pieces should always be kept with you. Pay tickets for public buses in colones and be careful in bus terminals when handling money. Report any theft or assault on the nearest police station. If you need help, call the emergency number: 911.

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