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Backpackers can found a dozen accommodations at rates ranging from USD 8.00 to USD 15.00 per night. Also some hotel owners provide camp grounds at low prices por example [Finca Cabañas Cañas Castilla]. In the rainy season, however, it is not recommended to set your tent. You should be aware that this will be swept by a tropical rain.


A Backpacker purchase their food either in a Pulpería (Warning: Pulperias are more expensive than supermarkets) a minisuper or supermercado and for eat you can go to the sodas (alcohol-free small snack bars or restaurants) where Ticos get a meal for four to eight dollars including drink. Unfortunately, sodas often use cheap fats, the salad does not have olive oil (lemon only) or synthetic vinegar, meat is usually tough, fibrous or strong and the coffee can not compare with Italian espresso bars.

Cleaning with very few exceptions is OK and you need not be afraid of getting food poisoning. Sodas at low costs are forced to calculate very few meals to earn money. Therefore, the best chef in the world truly evoke delight. The future is also in Costa Rica in fast food and takeaways.


Backpackers reach the farthest corners of the country still cheap with public buses. Of course, this often takes hours and sometimes a whole day. Isn't is the most convenient way to travel but always at low cost to go for a few dollars from A to B. Always make sure your valuables so they are not stolen. For distances from the bus station to the hotel we recommend taking a taxi for safety. In the tropical heat with high humidity or during a tropical rainfall usually in the afternoon you better not go with a heavy backpack.

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Costa Rica Backpackers


Unfortunately, almost all regions with developed tourist infrastructure are no-go areas for backpackers, with regard to prices. Many attractions like canopy, hanging bridges, river rafting, hot springs or guided tours are designed exclusively for people with higher incomes. However, backpackers can enjoy your vacation in National Parks with favorable rates, rural areas, in many deserted beaches or enjoy the city life if you like a lot of adventure.

You can do without luxury and are not afraid of the people or even Spanish language. Also the possibility to discover Costa Rica with volunteering are rather modest. Many organizations are expensive, some even outrageously expensive or self-sacrifice is not worth it. Although individual perception, we consider a recommendation from a former volunteer as the best way to not be disappointed.

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